Imagine this: A world without smell and flavor.  

Would you be able to appreciate the blooming of flowers? Will you be able to recognize coffee without its aroma? Will bacon be as appealing without its delicious smell? What would your life be like if you didn’t have your sense of smell?  

You do not realize it but your sense of smell plays a big part of your daily life.  

The different aromas we encounter everyday are often unappreciated but affect your emotions whether you like it or not.  

So, what exactly does Scentful Living mean? 

Origin. scent + –ful.

in British. (ˈsɛntfʊl) full of scent or odour; fragrant.
Adjective. (comparative more scentful, superlative most scentful).
Full of scent; odorous. Having a keen sense of smell.  

Scentful Living is all about living well through wonderful aromas, creating awareness about the scentimental connections of fragrances and emotions, empowering YOU with learning experiences and practical tips for a “scented lifestyle” whether you’re a homemaker, a single urban dweller, a cosmetics & makeup aficionado, an entrepreneur in the fragrance & cosmetics industry, an interior designer or simply love clean and well-scented spaces. This blog is dedicated to YOU. 

From featuring fine fragrances, identifying which scents to use in the different spaces in your home or office, DIY recipes, #scenthacks for your room or workspace, Scentful Living also aims to educate readers on how scents affect us and our environment and share simple tips and tricks on how scents can create a positive impact in people’s daily lives.  

  • A Scentful Lifestyle is intentional yet practical.  
  • Scents are invisible yet transformative. It has the power to change your moods and change your perceptions of a space or event.  
  • We believe that a life full of wonderful aromas is an enjoyable one. Has anyone ever felt bad after smelling something nice or something that reminded them of a wonderful memory?  

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as we explore the world of wonderful smells and aromas and enjoy life through a Scentful Lifestyle! 

Welcome to the first step in improving your life through scents!


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Founder: Bernadette Lim @thefragrancespecialist 

Bernadette is a fragrance addict and perfume collector by passion. She is a Fragrance Specialist certified by The Fragrance Foundation in New York City & is the only professional Filipina perfumer in the Philippines. She was also the youngest member of the Board of Trustees of the Chamber of Cosmetics Industries of the Philippines (CCIP) from 2014-2015 at 28 years old. She is the “B” in BC Fragrance, a trusted premiere supplier of fragrances and perfumery materials for micro, small and medium enterprises.  

As an advocate of proper fragrance education, she conducts Fragrance 101 workshops once a month where small business owners, hobbyists and other interested individuals / groups learn about basic fragrance knowledge and perfumery. She also conducts special fragrance training for companies and groups who are interested and has recently been invited as a plenary speaker in the 4th Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Congress in Camarines Sur just last July 2017. 

Today, she is recognized as one of the most professional and reliable partners for fragrance development services for manufacturers and brands, as well as a leading professional in scent branding for hotels and retail stores in the Philippines. Her noted clients include SM Supermalls, Ford, Red Planet Hotels, Mercure Hotels, Bellevue Hotels Group, Azalea Residences Group, Uber, Grab, Giordano, HBC, Ortigas & Co., Tomato Clothing, Zen Zest as well as celebrities Kathryn Bernardo, Celestine (Toni) Gonzaga Soriano and Pauleen Luna-Sotto. 

Under her leadership, BC Fragrance has received numerous honors from various award giving bodies and has been featured in GMA’s 24 Oras, Candy Magazine, Meg Magazine, Preview Magazine, BC Magazine, Travel Magazine, Star Studio Magazine, Bride & Breakfast, When In Manila, Lifestyle in Manila and other lifestyle blogs.