Sweet Pea Candle 🐾
Sweet Pea Candle 🐾
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Sweet Pea Candle 🐾

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About the scent: A best-selling fragrance reminiscent of the intoxicating, floral- infused breezes of the Mediterranean composed of sweet pea, pear, freesia and raspberry

How to use:

Enhance & bring life to any space with these hand-poured candles!

Made with high quality natural soy candles, our scented candles are decorative and effective, whilst creating a beautiful light.

Burns 45 to 50 hours.


  • As always:
    🍃 Always Phthalate-free
    ğŸŽ Contains natural lemon essential oil (Citrus limonum)

    🐾 - Dog & Cat -friendly with our salicylate-free formulation.