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Live well through scentsational and safe aromas.
🍃 Phthalate-Free
🌿 Infused with natural essential oils
🍀 Vegan bases

 Founded by the first professional Filipina perfumer, Bernadette, Scentful Living is all about living well through wonderful and safe aromas and creating awareness about the scentimental connections of fragrances and emotions, whether you’re a homemaker, a single urban dweller, or simply love clean and well-scented spaces. 


Our Beginnings

Scentful Living was birthed from one #ScentfulMama's sensitive pregnancy journey.

In 2017, our founder, Bernadette, also known as @thefragrancespecialist, became pregnant. Even while pregnant, she wanted her home to smell luxurious, relaxing, and clean, but at the same time, wanted to make sure that the scents were safe for pregnant women like her and her soon-to-be baby.


Safe Scents


Because our founder @thefragrancespecialist is not just a professional perfumer but also a #ScentfulMama with her young daughter in mind, our products go through stringent quality measures to ensure that our products are made with only the best raw materials.

We make sure we use Phthalate-Free fragrances, our products infused with beneficial and good-for-you natural essential oils, and the bases we use free from harmful ingredients. Aside from these, we've ensured our Sanitizing Sprays have been lab-tested and proven to kill 99.99% of microbes* to keep your home not just smelling good but also germ-free!

We've taken a step further in making sure that each batch of Sugarcane bases for our Sprays and mists are also tested to ensure that it is not adulterated with poisonous chemicals like Methanol. We also see to it that the amount of natural essential oils & fragrances that go into our products comply with recommended limits by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) to prevent instances of skin irritation in case of incidental skin contact.


Where to Get Our Products

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